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The logistics of such a big route are daunting. Climb Mt. At about 4 a.m. the next morning we were off and hiking by headlamp. ... Matt, and he said while it can be a challenging climb, it's well worth undertaking for those interested in the history of the crash. Photos: What Mount Slesse, site of the Flight 810 crash, looks like from the ground today. Publication Year: 2018. Consider things such as access and accommodation at the base of Slesse Peak, as well as the logistics of climbing to … Just a few days after Steven climbed Slesse via the standard route, Itai (my friend from Israel) and I went up to climb it via the classic NE buttress. Adam Wilkie, from Burnaby, his 19-year-old son Xander, and friend Liam Ball had been looking forward to climbing the northeast buttress of the Chilliwack area mountain for some time. Technically well within the scope of many rock climbers ability (5.9). Mt. Please submit any useful information about climbing Slesse Peak that may be useful to other climbers. It was just a coincidence that Steven and I climbed it within just a few days of one another, despite both of us probably wanting to climb it for many years. The standard route today is the Southwest Route, which involves approximately 1,650 m (5,413 ft) of ascent, a good deal of scrambling and some sections of technical rock climbing up to class 5.6. We were going to climb it via the bypass route, thereby eliminating the first 5 or 6 pitches, that by all accounts didn’t seem that “classic”. The North East Buttress of Mt. With good weather and relatively warm temperatures, the team skied up to the Mt Slesse area and camped, before attempting the line the next day. After five trips with four partners over two seasons, I completed the second ascent and first free ascent of Mt. Slesse is deservedly a 50 classic in North America. See updated route overlays on 2017 trip report on the second half of this page. The route up the NE Buttress of Slesse Mountain (aka Mount Slesse). Slesse is also home to a rock climbing route that was first climbed on the East face in August of 1963 by one of the most prominent rock climbers in world history, Fred Becky. A climber has shared a story of a summit gone wrong at Mt. Slesse Peak Climbing Notes. From the 8km mark on the Slesse FSR, continue on a footpath following an old logging road, south for 3 km. Roskelleys Climb NE Buttress of Mount Slesse Father and son climbing teams are inherently strong and devoted, but the Roskelley father and son team is not your average climbing team. At this point the trail turns uphill. Slesse! John Roskelley is the only American to win the Piolet d'Or Lifetime Achievement Award. Vancouver Mountain Guides will take care of all the details. Slesse, to remind everyone to plan thoroughly. "It's a beautiful hike, with great views of … The winter ascent was about 700m and is a sustained and high-quality route. (This photo was taken from the Memorial Plaque on the east side of Slesse on a hike in 2006). You will take 2 days to ascend and descend the route. It is probably most famous for the North East Buttress that made it … Tom described the climb as follows: 'It's given 6b and is all on trad gear. The Climb Our plan was to climb Slesse over two days, bivying about ¾ of the way up the first day. Climb Year: 2017. "It's a fantastic hike," Wolgram said. Be the first to submit your climbing note! This is the (partially hikeable) climbers trail located on the West side of the mountain. Mount Slesse was first climbed on August 10, 1927, by Stan Henderson, Mills Winram, and Fred Parkes, via a route starting from Slesse Creek. Note: this trail is different from the Slesse Memorial Trail. Slesse’s east face, climbing with Jacob Cook (U.K.), via a six-pitch variation to the original route ( 1997, Easton-Edgar, ED2 VI 5.9 A 3). Mount Slesse is a sharp peak that is visible from parts of Chilliwack and the Trans Canada Highway. 2500ft of stellar climbing!

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