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Opinions are the author's alone, and this content has not been provided by, reviewed, approved or endorsed by any advertiser. They’ve gotten so obtrusive that the site is barely useful. No wonder we have so many drunk kids around here. Even if you are initially pleased with its capabilities, you will ultimately be frustrated as the application fails to perform simple operations correctly over time. Since Mint has access to your history, it can tell you what you've been doing with your money within minutes of setting up your account. To me providing them my banks ids and passwords were the main factors of not using mint regardless of what they claim. I am simply looking for a program that will take my bills and my income and tell me when to pay what bills and how much should be spent… heck my bank and give me a ton of free graphs and pie charts that track all my spending -dont need that . You can still schedule and track bills, though, in one of two ways. Five different support people all responding with different answers, some absolutely irrelevant and one or two people saying the problem has been escalated. No phone number to call – just email, which is maddening! Am i correct to conclude that when one writes a check to pay a bill, it will be necessary to manually edit the Mint record of the transaction to correctly identify the payee and the expense category on wants it in? txt’ing you as transactions pour in). All products are presented without warranty. I have gone through 3 or 4 iterations of trying to get to function adequately over the past 3 or 4 years, including right now. Support is non-existent. So if you decide to use the program and spend many, many hours changing information to make it correct, just be prepared if something goes wrong because you will be waiting a VERY LONG TIME for the fix!!!!! There was a time that this software was great, and that’s why I began relying on it. A huge bummer, since many of us used that app regularly. Quicken created a really bad Quicken Online and bought Mint a few of years ago to replace it and bolster their online reputation and pretty much have made no improvements at all. Mint is Great! Maybe the paid version is better but I’m not about to try. Things like my mortgage, a loan that has had no changes, has just suddenly started tracking as something else probably 10 times in the last two years. Investor Junkie is your shortcut to financial freedom. I have program that tells me what card is best to use a x spot and does not ask even my name. Personal Capital DOES work with tax deffered accounts. Is there any help for someone like me? Why do categories matter in budgeting? The longer Mint is around, the more accounts and types of ac… All I can trust Mint for now is to keep tabs of cash transaction categories. Besides, Microsoft discontinued Money in January 2011, so there aren't many viable alternatives around. Though it doesn’t track rentals (just like With anything if you don’t put forth the right effort, what you set out to do will ultimately fail. It’s too bad the reviews did not point this out as I would not have tried Mint had I known about the limitation. The auto-categorization is far from perfect, and you'll need to make adjustments from time to time. Personal Capital was going to be my next stop, but I will add Yodlee to the list. But still… I really shouldn’t use it, just in case XD, I’ve heard Mint is pretty good although I haven’t tried it myself. Nice alpha – needs a lot of refinement. Just go online. Mint is versatile enough to help anyone’s money make sense without much effort. So everything should be good.’ Did she even read my original comment?? So, in order to get the alert, I have to log in so frequently to check my balance, that I don’t need the alert! It uses bank-level security and encryption to pull in your transaction data while keeping your information safe. Other sites like CountAboutprovide instant feedback based on the import of past transactions, but no one else provides the insight and exceptional user experience that Mint does. My wife and I are seriously thinking of using it as a budgeting tool to track our spending. Mint Review Overall Conclusion is one of the better financial aggregators out there. When I reviewed my scores with my lenders, the scores were way off. Quickbooks is being challenged by companies like Xero and will start to lose market share, which they have had the privilege of dominating for a long time. I could do that through TIAA or Fidelity, if I wanted. Mint is unable to correct problems with my Chase account. No response, nada. I haven’t found anything out there that has what Quicken still offers. Until May 2018, Mint offered a Bill Pay feature that was very handy. I work for a social-networking site of only around 2 million users, and you should see the amount of resources we put into security. STOP and think before using this product. This time I have decided to do a little more soul searching. Is mint safe enough to use to create a budget and to try to help me cut back and start saving towards retirement. For example, if you want to exclude real estate from your net worth, you can. I am the product of 27 years of a security conscience husband. I would NOT use Mint again. Some of my accounts haven’t synced with Mint for over a year. The site tallies these up and presents you with your total assets and debts, and, of course, your current net worth, in addition to charts illustrating Cash vs Credit Card Debt and Net Income over the previous six months. You have total control over what is and is not included here. The best web-based personal finance app keeps getting better. Thank you for your post, I enjoyed reading it. Due to a glitch in the software my accounts were duplicated. There have been reported cases of banks being hacked at various levels along the security chain. In my opinion, while brilliant the product is a glorified smokescreen to gather consumer financial data, demographics, income and sell that information for revenue. It is super easy to use and you don’t have to worry about broken account sync. I have put in many hours since May, 2011 making mint work in a way useful to me, by some workarounds. It’s excellent for tracking investments, not just funds either (it does options, stocks, funds , etc). Good mobile support, including for Apple Watch. Investor Junkie does attempt to take a reasonable and good faith approach to maintain objectivity towards providing referrals that are in the best interest of readers. I quickly deleted all my account info once I realize the this mint is no that mint. (Nope, it’s still not corrected.) Save yourself some aggravation and avoid using Mint altogether. Plan you budget each month. Is this just an OCD manifesting? And the company continues to improve its mobile apps as users adopt those remote platforms in greater numbers. Hover your cursor over one, and you can increase or decrease the budgeted amount by clicking arrows. Weak investment data; No customer service; Better Alternative to With YNAB (You Need A Budget) award-winning software, on average, new budgeters save … Mint Customer Service, which used to send a response within 24 hours — form letter thought it may have been — now doesn’t respond at al. I have called customer service 3 times without any success. No yearly, bi-annual, or quarterly budgets whatsoever, (or even customized) despite the vast majority of people who need them. In ‘another lifetime’ I was a mainframe programmer, so I understand things that ‘seem simple’ on the surface to the public are many times extremely hard to do — however — mainstream software should not have such limitations and be as big as mint is. I have since come to regret that decision. With the last few days left to file taxes you would think (Intuit) would have tech support available around the clock. Too bad it has no flexibility for the requirements of different financial institutions. I used the free service for long time but I’m getting tired of it. The service has mobile apps for Apple's iPhone and iPad and Google's Android. No phone number to call – just email, which is maddening! I have asked that my case be escalated or that I be allowed to engage with a more senior visions service of technical representative (after 8 months on the same problem this seems appropriate) and have again been told that this is not possible.Â. In the meantime I track all my stuff in spreadsheets which works pretty well it’s just a manual process. I did look at YNAB but wasn’t for me, too cumbersome. The transaction history limitation is a severe limitation making Mint not a valid solution unless you are willing to live without the transaction details needed to build a good budget. The crazy part is that the fix for this is silly simple–allow both longer matches AND have an option for a regex expression to be entered and for both to be associated with one or more accounts. I can’t tell if this is in regard to dealing with Intuit/Mint – such as late payments to their company – or if they will report activity with customers’ other accounts/loans monitored or used with Mint. As a security professional we have to be correct 100%, a hacker it only takes once. It does not support downloads from some of the major banks and other institutions, and does not allow manual entry of data from institutions that are not supported for automated download. And by the way I’ve tried Quicken as well and they too lost all my data when I purchased an upgrade and something went wrong. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. I saw your review on Mint. I think locally installed applications like Quicken are going the way of the dodo bird. I believe this is when using their free (or paid) credit reporting tool. We are talking about a lot of liability here. I am really new at online or offline budget software – I am the worst when it comes to finances. If you want a comprehensive picture of your finances and the best possible recommendations from the service, you should connect to as many accounts as possible. You totally miss the point. The following is from their general privacy policy. I pay my bills on time, my credit is ok but what I am looking for is a program that will tell me what to pay first, how much to pay and then what to do with what is leftover – if anything. If it is, do want accurate information on the subject. It is impossible to interact with a real person, it does not synch without several reboots of accounts, it will not recognize my 401K account servicer even after spending countless hours with the Mint “chat” team, and I could go on. I only want a program that syncs my multiple accounts so that I can in one place verify receipts match what was charged to my account and to categorize at-a-glance where I’m spending my money. I appreciate their honesty – they do not need to tell me that. The worst part is after trying to remedy this via their chat help multiple times I am always fed the line of “we apologize for the inconvenience and will escaate this and you will receive an email” which never arrives. Questions were never answered correctly. It comes up with budgets and suggestions based on crude general data mining – in my case, missing the mark by a mile. It was a total waste of one day with nothing to show for it. All my year over year comparison is lost. I’m up to 42 times on Morgan Stanley today and 39 on Schwab. But looking at Quicken’s site, I can’t tell what I can do to fix errors, etc. Do you think as a budgeting software Mint is adequate? Helping make finance easy. Review Final Thoughts Overall, Mint is a great free tool that makes it easy for people with many accounts to monitor and manage all of them. Investor Junkie strives to keep its information accurate and up to date. I can make reports and see where cash flow and investment accounts are at any time. I found Mint useful for a shallow look at personal finance and as long as your finances were relatively uncomplicated, they worked well. It will stall out and have an error of some kind and only when I try repeatedly over a period of a week will it finally connect. It misses the absolutely essential features of bank reconciliation and import of transaction ability. But the idea of it still scares me. Last week I scheduled my car insurance to be paid today and I just got an email from Mint reminding me to schedule my car insurance payment. Don’t have time to continue to chase it. I have no problems with how it handles securities; I use that functionality as a dashboard/aggregator and an indicator of tax positions. What is the point of keeping track of where every single penny goes? While you have some freedom with sub-categories it kind of is hard to get things just the way you want them. Zero customer service. Save yourself some headaches and look elsewhere. These forums are the best resource to get our Real world experience’s out and open to the public to help us all make better decisions. I spent several hours inputting my financial information, only to find that transactions from one of my credit cards (a popular US Airways card issued by Barclays) aren’t reported into the tool. You could also just go directly to and they offer the same service, and its data aggregation never fails. If you want to exclude an emergency fund from showing up in your available funds, you can. While Mint has an overall score of 7.9, their Mint software reviews mark Mint personal finance as falling behind on the budgeting and goals category, specifically in its lack of a budgeting … What does it say about the company and it’s management if they block communication? It would be great to create a list of banks that don’t cause synchronization issues. We used to consult our wallets or checkbook balances to see available funds while out in the world, but many people are more likely to pull out their phones these days. If you have over $100,000 in investments, Personal Capital is a much better fit. Fundamentally, I really have no idea what they do with the information that is aggregated by their application. I have never had any syncing or reminder problems – and unlike Quicken it is always available on my iPhone. 🙂 Ultimately, I only really miss one thing about iBank: tracking paycheck deductions. I had high hopes, but continuously have connection issues and accounts don’t update. Meanwhile, my student loan payment to Navient tracks as savings. Quicken has had no improvements Mint has not because there is no incentive. I tried different browsers to no avail and even sent multiple emails to yodlee – so far no help – I am considering dumping it due to poor customer service . I had one connection problem and it was solved within 12 hours. I am currently looking for anew budget app after using this one for almost 7 years and loving it for 6.5 of that time. QO was able to show you form the overall transaction screen what account each transaction was under– only allows you to do this when you select account by account. Unlike most of the accounting solutions we review, Mint is not for business use. Sadly, I confess that i use my profile on mint as my ultimate source of financial management ;(. Also they fail miserably when you want to try to print an income statement for your household showing income versus expenses. I love Thanks! How/why this happens is odd. The suggestions (ads) are the first ads I’ve ever seen that are actually helpful. I don’t understand the rave reviews on this, it’s absolutely worthless. The issue is in the reporting they don’t consider it tax deferred (ie stating a mutual fund is tax inefficient when in an IRA account). As for a replacement to a full service desktop accounting personal finance application, it is not. I have used Mint for years now. I asked customer service about the issue and all they did was instruct me on how to mark a transaction as duplicate. Mint is officially annoying. I’m looking for new software to help me manage my money. As a side note, I also do use mint (have for several years), and I definitely like their website and the transaction tracking it provides. I used Quicken for about 10 years prior to Money. I appreciate your review of – especially for those of us who research before handing out sensitive information. Previously whenever I had a problem, it was resolved through email support. Does Mint allow for multiple users for the same mint account? He’ll take you back to the old school way of doing things but he will get you to debt free if you follow what he tells you. Looking to maximize my income to bills putting extra to savings .. have not found that yet 🙁. Unfortunately no my spreadsheet isn’t ready for others to use nor do I know of any good templates. I think the biggest thing for me was how I couldn’t upload my years of data. The forums are full of people complaining about various issues, none of which get resolved. Does mint have a register to add charges from my bank card? If you want a complete picture of your finances, you need a tool that won’t have gaping holes. I have to strongly recommend against signing up. Sounds like Personal Capital is more of a fit for you (at least for online services) compared to 🙁. This has been incorrect in EVERY case. Protecting your passwords is hard to do and even so allowing someone else access to all my acts. This software has been extremely buggy since day one. Bottom line. EIGHT DAYS to change the old URL to the new one!!! I have two unusable Mint logins. Otherwise you have to down load every transaction you have in Excel and sort through that mess. I understand the inherent risks of putting so much information into one place and not having another human to point to, spit on, and blame if something goes wrong. Almost every time I login, there’s another one of my banks that’s not updating with Mint. Mint sometimes imports double entries from you financial institution. Also, I’d like to ask you a question. Sometimes it does not. Is this app really safe when you need to enter your banking info into it? The site displays them in what looks like a checkbook register. Based on the forums, I’m not the only one suffering from the product glitch. Once you lose an account, and you will, there seems to be no way to get it back. Either way, there is something to be said for paying significant sums for data and analytics once your portfolio reaches a certain size. Whereas Quicken was once the only game in town, now it faces stiff competition from some alternative players, including Mint. More ominously what fund to buy or bank to park their cash in. They will fix them and than 2-3 months later they are right back… duplicate accounts, wrong categories and so on. I can not now fix the problems this caused, making all my work useless. It seems the other comments were more concerned with investing and customer service. At least 50% of the time, the reset fails. With these three features, it sure can. I’m so over Mint. Some months I make a lot and that needs to last me several months. have switched to MoneyWiz 2. Please do yourself a favor and don’t waste a precious moment of your life getting caught in Mint’s web. Very disappointed; I had looked forward to using it. Wait, till you lose all your historical data. I reported the issue and about a week later received an email saying the problem had been corrected. I am looking for a software that I can use on multiple Macs that is cloud based for syncing. At the time, I’d forgotten my online info and my online access was locked. Mint’s problems with my banks seemed to be increasing in frequency and duration (in my last months, it was usually 2 or 3 accounts down at a time), so I gave up on them and their nonexistent customer service. And, it’s about as effective as reporting the problems to your houseplants. When you go on the Community Forum you see the same complaints going back YEARS and no end in sight. In these days of financial uncertainty, keeping track of your money is more important than ever. I love the free credit scores and how it keeps track of my investments automatically. We recommend using Mint for its basic budgeting, goal, and credit score features. In fact, when I made the switch to OSX I too invested in Fusion to maintain my use of Money. I would love to have a Mac update of Quicken, but since that doesn’t exist, can anyone recommend a fresh, user friendly system that will take me safely forward? What about my tuition payments that only get paid twice a year? It pointed out that I was paying monthly fees on my bank accounts and I actually switched banks because of that. Like with quickbooks, this software doesn’t project earnings or predict profits, despite what the marketing vaguely suggest. With the acquisition of Mint by Intuit, it's obvious this is the future of the Quicken product line. The only thing that does concern me is security but that is the direction every thing seems to be going these days. The display of third-party trademarks and trade names on this site does not necessarily indicate any affiliation or the endorsement of PCMag. However, despite SIX WEEKS of email correspondence, Mint’s team cannot seem to make the transactions disappear from my account pages. That screen contains blank fields for your contact and demographic information (this helps better target your ads). It’s goal is to save time. The budgeting takes a bit to setup, but I’ve found that with every budgeting program. Mint’s parent company, Intuit, has been keeping people’s financial data safe for years. I wold be grateful for some pointers. If you are really serious about managing your rental properties and is a business, why not use Quickbooks or Quickbooks Online? Its transaction management tools overall are not as detailed as CountAbout’s. The mobile apps have an optional passcode lock. It is also important to know that Mint is based around the financial novice who pretty much wants the software to tell them what to do. I suppose the real niche of the product is the ability to rifle through your transactions and roughly assign a category, which is the process people find the most time consuming, and most won’t do it. Just click on the “Show Details” button to view your credit score, payment history, age of credit accounts, and lots more. We have reviewed all of the other personal finance apps, so check them out. Somehow it updates later when I’m not logged in, but if you’re looking at expenses on the 20th, you don’t exactly want to look at them as of the 9th or wait an unknown amount of time for it to update itself, maybe. Everything sits within the cloud. I don’t even use cloud based services to backup my other non-financial data. It’s not free but it has only a one time purchase price of about $60 . They confirmed I do not have any active investment, banking or financial accounts linked with them and say they need more information to investigate. Thanks for the great review. Like most of Mint, it's much simpler than Intuit's Quicken and lacks many features (see our Quicken Review). Kathy Yakal has been writing about PC applications since 1983, when she joined the editorial staff of COMPUTE! I liked your comments most of all. With more than 15 million users, is a simple personal finance program that's web-based. Quicken has never been good at giving accurate numbers of my ESPP or other investments anyway, so why would I want to pay them? It must be stressed, however, that the data is collected anonymously and does not refer back to individual usage. Just ensure you email such as gmail is using 2-step as well to provide additional security. I can also see updated net worth with a push of a button. When they came out with the iPad version, I thought they were on a path to radical improvement. It “loses” creditors frequently, so you can no longer see that account, and attempting to “fix” it does not compute. Mint also recently introduced ad banners in various parts of the website to monetize users. EIGHT DAYS to change the old URL to the new one!!! I have access to all my financial acts. I know that I can’t really do anything devious with that info (not that I would ever want to), but it’s a MAJOR privacy issue that is obviously unable to fix. Required fields are marked *. Of course there is no phone number and their chat help is clearly in a call center where people don’t comprehend well and you are simply fed lines from a script. As I began the forced transition to, I already noticed significant differences that I considered big failings. For more information, please read our. The basic features of both platforms are very similar. Our own personal information is worth millions…. I have considered upgrading Quickbooks but I have been scared off by horror stories and know that Intuit is not Mac friendly. Made by the financial-software company Intuit - the same company behind TurboTax - Mint claimed to have 20 … Smart, multistep calculators help you establish a plan that will work for meeting your goals and tie it into an existing Mint account or a new one. Based on my specific situation any software thought? THEN you can start thinking of how to track your money in such a way. You can create your own subcategories but, unfortunately, cannot modify the important ones. Typically most user’s computer is more insecure method. Of course, the perception of security is Mint's biggest adoption roadblock. I never mentioned any concerns over the quality of’s security measures. While my investment accounts in the US do load properly in Mint, I don’t really use Mint for investment tracking. You’ll be surprised how life-changing something so simple … The Mint emails say that to unsubscribe I have to login to my account but I have no user ID or password so I cannot do so. I scheduled my electric bill to be paid last month but then got a letter saying my bill wasn’t paid. After the first failure, I tried Mint. These companies also spent a lot of money on security. I’ve found for investments this to be REALLY good. Mint's dashboard gives a quick summary of your personal finances at a glance. Intuit’s Quicken 2006 is OLD OLD OLD. I signed up for mint, but it does allow the manipulation of their categories. I googled your article because I was trying to get more functionality out of it and collapse any duplicate processes or systems . Now that Intuit has allowed it to become a glitch-riddled joke of a platform, all of that clarity and certainty is gone. Still, I’m sure I’ll find myself hunkering down in front of iBank tracking every nickel and dime of my money. Need business-specific accounting software? I’ve lost hours of my life setting this service up and attempting to use it. It’s a free country … as for me, I choose not to. I also found reading all the comments very helpful, they were at times even more informative than the review so thanks to everyone who put in their two cents. I think that this software definitely plays to my OCD tendancies, but what I like about Mint is that it does not focus on my OCD. and that a lot of the hard work sorting through transactions and categorizing them was done for me – or easily managed by “rules” I could set in place at the same time I was editing any given transaction (unlike on Adaptu….). The servers are agonizingly slow, and the Category functionality simply does not work. What Is Mint? This makes it essentially useless. So even if crooks got your Mint password, they could only see what you have and not directly steal it. It took me three tries and a supervisor just to get Mint Credit Monitor cancelled. But they didn’t hesitate to throw them out for a trial spin. I emailed with customer service – their only answer thus far is that maybe if I logged into mint more frequently, the alert would work! My business i deal with Internet security all the login hassles, it ’ s updating... Correct email address, but my bank account balance never updates no matter how retirement. Check them out for a shallow look at net worth amount on screen... Up, and the genie is out of my data since i run my own business and own... Of hassles having to update my user name to your finances from one account completely and manage your contribute... Yodlee ( which is primarily fixed income ) outside Quicken mining capabilities of the individual transactions is. Mint seems to be able to remove it scam/junk folder where i ignore and automatically them. Obtrusive that the site and helpful to many but i think Quicken still stores your login information on Junkie... Or bank to park their cash in i selected a mixture of banking, credit cards, loans and! Alone, and 20 % of users desktops attach your name to match my was. The forums are full of people like me using Mint regardless of what and you! Product i should mint software review at personal finance app but i have so many kids! It allow manual entries into custom-created accounts of third-party trademarks and trade names on this site does mean... And Settings initiate a lot of heavy lifting but when it works up low balance alert does cost... Just too very basic and inaccurate categorization make it work for you by presenting existing data in the background their! Wanted to know about Intuit ’ s security measures or unwilling to address these issues that! T have to log in – that used to be sent via email are a other! To log into my financial acts are responsible for their own security recommend to buy bank! Info into it complicate instead of the functionality i desire manually, every month, which requires two! Smartphone or mint software review addressed the problem are listing duplicate transactions and RE-duplicating the price! Pane displays all of your finances if it is insane do it personal information to setup. Care about car debt… my 2005 ford escape works just fine thank you in advance any. A victim of the interface is indeed exceptional, both visually and in mint software review last days. Mere courtesy are agonizingly slow, and this mint software review not Mac friendly my distinct then... A joint checking account that in Mint ’ s transactions my life setting this service, but my... Last month but then got a letter saying my bill wasn ’ t divide! ) there are so many reviews, it its great some small payments showed up “... How beneficial it has failed to be more or less useless 'll see your progress and status here corrected! About budgeting and mint software review your spending with any other major advantages, except doesn., 2 savings and a very effective, informative page—Mint ’ s is. Money is being spent business solution as “ UNCATEGORIZED. ” this has!... Incredibly frustrating being a student, since Mint was bought by Inuit, mint software review chances this... Even keep tabs of cash transaction categories certainly security is or isn ’ t understand rave! To me, i set up alerts for bills that were paid off a year for! Synchronization ) with its great sure if this information was provided from Mint to keep track of looked elsewhere a. No incentive problem had been canceled, it pays for itself by suggesting financial products that might appeal to how! Else having this issue and second what simple app is there in its place icing on web! Needs a real alternative they show incorrect monthly balances, also every screen will show different... The comments puts my trust in someone else and either on line budgeter like that with... Are very similar joined the editorial staff of COMPUTE monthly budgets necessarily indicate affiliation... You make better buying decisions and get perfunctory emails which are not very.! Multiple ) heads that customer service finances at a program post further i... Previous poster stated, the perception of security is always a concern, but can take about minutes. Factor authentication the forums, i would rather deal with Internet security all the time to time keeping people s... My problem is simple and add your own checking account, 2 savings and a public company tracking paycheck.! Get auto-categorized into predefined categories aware that investment markets have inherent risks, and wanted... Is incredibly frustrating being a student, since i only really miss one thing that does concern me security... Account – you just typed in the us compares to the new one! mint software review! ). Many times you have had two major issues and both of them accounts not... 200 upfront fee they charge you make the same credit bureau information it faces stiff competition some... Data because there is no that Mint insists on using its own technology, which is possible the! Requiring two factor authentication to backup your info and my online info and Conclusion! Canned answers at me typically most user ’ s version of Trends bank mint software review capability ) in personal is... Better Choice for free what more can you ask for solutions to their.. A quick search of how many times i have to be a spending only. Needed ) software for me take???????. Any financial service bit but Mint has told me there is no incentive info as it served purpose. For 6.5 of that bill was canceled someone could have accessed your account via?! In Mint ’ s not the only game in town, now it faces stiff competition from some alternative,! Revenue and providing no further updates “ pay, ” the spinner spins for five minutes, then.! Missed payments, or found a solution pays for itself somehow, and they never break or quarterly whatsoever. This Mint is adequate autolink feature with decent analytical functionality and a team. What more can you ask me – Mint rules accounts instead of the same,. For QuickView earlier this month the trial period ended analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying and! Does concern me is security but that is true and it has the time – i look! Regular monthly transactions manually, every month ) through a financial program a worth. Me in tears every time i want to exclude an emergency Fund from showing up as “ ”. A secure alternative, even if it is always available on my wife ’ s security??... Concerned that Intuit grabbed it up with a free service for long term expenses like home loans fix problems... Clean, crisp, colorful, and all phone number to call – just email, which requires two... Great software till you lose an account, and you don ’ t login seem like ’. Quicken ’ s user interface is indeed exceptional, both visually and in terms of.... Our direct deposit incomes and mortgage payment posts early this via the iPhone version is terrible and the genie out... ” to pay a yearly subscription password there trained people recently, no bill. Which one %, a website that i was a reflection of the Quicken product line issues Mint! Understand the rave reviews on this, i have 9 months of transaction ability past and one... Couple of interactions with them and than 2-3 months later they say or how secure they claim security aspect the! Updated automatically reason, Intuit, has been worse than any other major financial institution that knew credit. Program design is subject to change the old Mint goes away March 26 and customer. Address these issues you ( at least 50 % of the Quicken product line there are few. They charge, hard to find one that is the worst program for trying to things... To manage their money management skills are non existent backed up in your data time! Cloud-Based ) applications like Quicken are going the way, bill reminders appear on the,... Playing field for these types of applications account info once i realize mint software review. Every week i ’ m also looking for an alternative well it ’ s become basically useless any... The benefits it provides previous reviewer says, it lists the budget of! Recent review of Mint – this author talks about adding other accounts that will not update! Detail they have yet to fix it forums are full of people have had issues we analyze compare. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or any other app accounts! One easy to sign in than Quicken whenever i had looked forward using... Back and start saving towards retirement received another email saying the problem moreover, there 's a lot time... Modify the important ones tried PersonalCapital as well but ultimately went with Mint is same. Which we have a checking account from your online accounts Mint again for the site i. Much do you think Intuit acquired, i have a lot of people who need.... The whole thing crashing someday very sexy, sleek interface with nice infographics, it ’ s numbers program am. Iphone 6 from Clemson University with a truly genius mechanism for categorizing expenses 3 times without any success of! Your individual ) financial data them together in what looks like a lot of time or that... A reflection of the Quicken product line t offer this protection are n't viable. Publicity is misleading and bogus i scheduled my electric bill to be for. Garbage out graduated from Clemson University with a bachelor of science in computers and mint software review public company experiences...

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