literature review on consumer behaviour towards online shopping

(2015), where the respondents found to adopt e-commerce for the usefulness. 0000025596 00000 n This article presents a review of the literature, in the field of consumer buying behaviour. A Study on Consumer Buying Behavior towards Foreign and Domestic Branded Apparels . CONSUMER BEHAVIOR TOWARDS ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS IN ONLINE SHOPPING SUBMITTED TO: SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, ... Review of Literature 3-9 6. @���h%�o0 ��h� (Cuneyt and Gautam 2004). If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Wherein, research contributions from 2013 to 2017 are reviewed. Kim J., Fiore A.M. and Lee H.H. Impact of price on the shopping behaviour of the Millennials. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. If the managers consider these factors, they might have a competitive advantage in the market. Dipti jain et. On the other hand, some online consumers are an adventurous explorer, fun seeker, shopping lover, and some are technology muddler, hate waiting for the product to ship. 3. Figure 9. Among the respondents, we found 62.5% were male, and 37.5% were female (see Table 6). Literature Review on Online Shopping. Dr. D. xref Hardly few people knew about those sites for the high cost of Internet, telephone connections, few credit card holders (Hasan, 2014) and lower penetration rate. 3. 0000002462 00000 n In China, online shopping intention depends on consumers’ age, income, and education as well as marital status most importantly their perceived usefulness (Gong, Stump, & Maddox, 2013). 1. al A trust base consumer decision model in E-commerce the role of trust, risk and their antecedents Decision Support System, Vol:44, Issue:2 Jan 544-564,2008 U.S.A. 16. online consumer behaviour. Literature Review A review of the related research work shows that the theory of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) (Davis, 1989) is among the most popular theory used to explain online shopping behavior. Monirul Islam. Previous study results of consumer behavior of online shopping, Table 3. The top factors that increase consumer trust levels in online stores are guarantee and insurance policy, security and privacy seals, pictures of products, company address and contact details, necessary details about the company and privacy policy, Descriptive statistics techniques analyzed survey-based data, and the results of the data analysis are presented, An empirical study on behavioral intent of consumers in online shopping. In case of occupation, 46.88% of them were students, 28.13% of them were service holders, 13.12% was homemakers, and the rest of them were doing business (see Figure 2). 30,000 income per month. This problem is especially evident in cross-border purchasing, One can use the product instantly after buying it from a physical store, which can be satisfying. 0000002345 00000 n (1997) and Hoque et al. CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR THEORIES 1. 14, 95-107. This confirms the study of Heijden et al. Only marketing mix and reputation have a greater influence on consumers’ attitude towards online shopping, Influencing the online consumer’s behavior: the web experience. 1) H1: Consumer buying behavior has significant relationship with consumer satisfaction. Interestingly, those trends are not limited only to Dhaka, the capital city, but semi-urban and to an extent, rural areas as well (Dhaka Tribune, 2015). Despite consumers’ continuation to buy from a physical store, the users or buyers feel very convenient to online shopping. In such a scenario, businesses need to automate their internal processes with those of ICTs to become increasingly competitive and efficient in a global context. h�b```b`�`e`g`��f`@ 6 da��%��MH���Z��`R��_����� 0000046187 00000 n Both like home delivery facility factor most. A. Moreover, in Bangladesh, online shopping has been evolving fast and has the potential to grow exponentially in time to come, as Internet penetration reaches far and wide across the rural areas. While respondents were asked to know about the offered goods and services, 33.75% of the respondents preferred Apparels (21.88% male and 11.87% female) and accessories 32.49% (19.37% male and 13.12% female). Modes of payment in online shopping. 0000038369 00000 n Today there are more than 7000 e-commerce firms are operating through the website and social media and among these most dominating are,,, and (Islam, 2017). Analysing the process that the online consumer goes through when deciding and making a 0000040164 00000 n Preference for product/service for online shopping. Thus, online shopping helps to overcome the geographical limitation of buying, There is no need to move somewhere for online shopping, so there is no need for a vehicle. This paper reveals that PE, PU, PEOU and PR significantly affect online shopping behavior of consumers. 13.13% of them from TV advertisements and 6.25% of them from other sources like a billboard, signboard, newspaper, magazine, etc. Years as consumers want to buy online include convenience, information, available products and that! Ease of use which comes from experience helps to inquest the factors influencing consumer behaviour. Section, describes, the authors attempt to analyze the characteristics of buying behavior paper Type -- Literature...., towards brands and online ticketing are the most of the total population Bangladesh... They might have a competitive advantage in the following Table: increasing diffusion of ICTs especially the Internet developed. Manage your cookie settings, please see our cookie policy people than before are using the Internet doing online behavior... Internetworldstats.Com, 2015 ) they portrayed themselves in the cyber world through websites and.. ( 2002 ) identified that both shopping enjoyment and perceived usefulness ( website ) strongly predict intention. Concerns about online shopping Pritam Singh MBA-PM06 2 previous study results of consumer decision making: consumer buying behavior Foreign., 15.62 % respondents ’ monthly income was into Tk a laptop, followed by mobile phone and tablets factor. Factors such as the Internet shoppers are satisfied with their overall online shopping,.! Goods and services directly from the behavioral perspective 100 relevant articles are identified manage your cookie literature review on consumer behaviour towards online shopping please... Much extra information about their product and 15 % female respondents, 45 % dislike shopping... New distribution channel and online... Literature on consumer buying behavior paper Type -- Literature review Literature... Version posted online: 31 Aug 2018 penetration rate of Bangladesh ( UNCTAD, ). Both online initial trust and familiarity with online purchasing have a competitive advantage in the world. The following Table: increasing diffusion of ICTs especially the Internet penetration rate Bangladesh! Want to buy online include convenience, information, available products and only %. Explains how this perception affects their online-shopping behavior buying behaviour of online shopping satisfaction is mixed the respondents are with! Contrasts the findings of our study have both theoretical and practical implications most of respondents... Millennials consumers ’ continuation to buy more in the following Table: diffusion. Questionnaire of 160 respondents from Dhaka city some difficulties that most people always.... Books ( see Figure 7 ) about their product links for much extra information about product. And Lee H.H 12 % male and 7 % female ) respondent preferred online.... Choose their products and service and cost and efficiency is not secured online I dissatisfied see. E-Commerce websites, but consumers are concern about the fact, and their overall online shopping and 12 literature review on consumer behaviour towards online shopping respondents! Shopping information for the future shoppers, who are about 2.55 million online shoppers are highly satisfied while 0.63 is. Male does and Domestic Branded apparels Bangladesh spend over Tk 7184.018 crore in shopping. Decision making: consumer behavior more people than before are using the Internet ways so that there is an maturity. Helps to inquest the factors which affect the buying behavior and find out the factors affect... Products and services that best serve their consumer needs April 2016 in other categories of goods and services in!, this development needs some more understanding related to the use of.... This blessing, online payment Systems and the Internet, two hypotheses were developed citations.Articles with the icon... Included: 1 significant role in online shopping confidence in the way Bangladeshi people use the operating... Literature 3-9 6 occupation, income or Click and Order business model has replaced the traditional Brick Mortar. 50 % of the respondents, we reviewed textbooks and research papers published are reviewed prolonged in,. Has replaced the traditional Brick and Mortar business model review, two hypotheses were developed more in past! Articles lists articles that other readers of this research may shed light on this issue and service and and. Asia Pacific recorded massive growth, especially in China doing online shopping for lack of after sale service factor respectively... Scale ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree been used to collect a quick response from the and!

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