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So, what makes a good cheap whiskey? Distillery: Crown Royal Distillery, Gimli, MB (Diageo) The brand’s reputation doesn’t end with one creation, though. We’re heavy on the American whiskeys in this list, but we’ve also thrown in a couple of Scotch whiskies, a Canadian whiskey, and an Irish whiskey to boot. From 1865-2010, Canadian Whisky was the Best-selling Whisky in the U.S. C+ to C-: Average whiskey. The best of the mass market whiskeys fit in this category, as do the bulk of the premium brands. 13. Distillery: Maker’s Mark Distillery, Loretto, KY (Beam Suntory) Here we present a list of Top 10 Best Selling Whisky Brands in India with Pricelist. (I can say this, I’m Canadian.) There’s a crafted feel to this sip as vanilla and molasses dance up top with a hint of fresh mint. When it comes to value, North America is still in the lead for thrift, and that's why you'll mostly see bourbons and ryes on this list of best whiskeys you can get for under $50. Jack Daniel's is the top selling brand of American whiskey in the entire world. ABV: 40% Lot No. In fact, after being derided for years, Canadian whisky’s reputation is on the upswing these days. Check it out here. It’s not too dissimilar to bourbon, but craft … Top 6 Best Canadian Whiskeys. The Tennessee whiskey has an extra layer of refinement thanks to the Lincoln County Process of sugar maple charcoal filtration, making it a bit more refined than a standard Kentucky bourbon. The alcoholic beverage in those jugs or sacks is … Redbreast 12-Year Old Irish Whiskey $47 96 points, Whisky Advocate. Phillips Distilling offers a whole collection of flavored whiskeys, ranging from cinnamon to pineapple, and our favorite: pecan. All rights reserved. Canadian whisky often has the reputation of being bottom-shelf swill, relegated cheap pours at bars. Jim Beam spread its wings a bit back in the early 1990s with their Small Batch Collection. ABV: 40% Made of 90% rye grain and 10% malted rye that make it lighter than the average Canadian whisky. But unfortunately, the stuff ain’t cheap. The best cheap whiskey brands come in many forms. Widely considered to be one of the best single malts for the money, Highland Park 12 is a brilliant combination of mild smoke and brine with the right amount of sweetness in the form of honey and fruit. That sweet fruit carries through with hints of classic bourbon vanilla and a touch of oak. Canadian whiskey acquired that name because when Canadians first started making whiskey, what made it different from Scotch, Irish and American whiskeys was that it was almost always made with rye. Perfect companion for a relaxation moment – likewise, is an ideal gift for whisky and sea lovers as it combines smoky flavour with a comforting afterglow. Distillery: Wild Turkey Distillery, Lawrenceburg, KY (Campari) There are certainly some tasty crowd-pleasers on this list and that’s enough. As the most luxurious selection among the best Canadian whiskey under $20, Forty Creek’s Barrel Select. This inexpensive and plentiful Japanese bottle is a beautiful example of Master Blender Shinji Fukuyo’s nuanced style, which is perfect neat or in a high ball, and costs at least $25 less than Hibiki Harmony … Crafted from whole grain rye grown in Alberta’s unforgiving countryside, this bottle offers a rich caramel and oak taste followed by a spicier finish than your typical Canadian whisk(e)y. Sales are up 7 percent across the board since 2011, and there’s been a 112 percent increase for higher-end products. The Rankings: All 13 Bourbons, Ranked From Worst to Best. Distillery: New Midleton Distillery, County Cork Produced in Calgary, this Canadian whiskey is aged in white oak and aged for a minimum of 10 years. ABV: 45% … It’s also generally higher priced than other types of whiskey, … The Irish tipple is a blend of pot still and grain whiskeys that are aged in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks for varying amounts of time. It combines flavors from all the producing areas of Scotland, meaning, a mixture of 30 of the best malt whiskeys with a minimum maturity of 12 years. No matter if you want Scotch, rye, or something else, you’ll be able to find a good bottle in your price range. Not to worry though, because pros know “OGD” is the original gangsta. So if you want to build a starter whiskey library for under $300, here are the best bottles of whiskey to buy. So if you want to build a starter whiskey library for under $300, here are the best bottles of whiskey to buy. Monkey Shoulder Considered by whisky geeks to be one of the best cheaper blends, it's made by William Grant & Sons, owner of the Glenfiddich and Balvenie distilleries. Some may be turned off by its Canadian origins; Best Everyday Rye Whiskey. Midleton Distillery uses both malted and unmalted barley in a single pot and triple distills it … Good Cheap Canadian Whiskey: Legacy Canadian Blended Whisky This blended whisky regularly scores more than 80 out of 100 on consumer websites such as, where it got 83 points. As described on the bottle, Dark Horse rye is definitely made for whiskey connoisseurs who prefer a bolder, richer tasting Canadian Whiskey. To go along with R&R’s rich history, the Reserve blend is reminiscent of higher-end whiskey brands, boasting a honey toast and floral nose while being heavily influenced by spicy rye grain and oak barrels in its flavor. Average Price: $15. Stone fruit, popped corn, and vanilla open this one up. A dirt cheap line of bourbons owned by Beam Suntory, its traditional 80 proof is fine, and the 114 barrel-proof is nifty. 1 tasting whiskey in North America by discerning Whisky Judges in multiple years over the last decade, and has taken home some of the highest accolades possible for a whiskey. ... low-proof and dirt cheap. Old Ezra 101 $19. This Canadian whisky (it's only whiskey when made in America or Ireland) is distilled from barley malt, rye, and corn and aged in white oak barrels. The 10 Best Bourbon Whiskey Brands to Drink Right Now. The juice is then aged for six to seven years and then blended, cut down to proof, and then bottled before the famous red wax seal is applied. Distillery: Jim Beam Distillery, Clermont, KY (Beam Suntory) The best whisky 2020 (or whiskey if you're after an Irish) ... American and Canadian bourbons have their fans. The whisky is made in a 12,000 liter copper pot-still and is 100% rye--90% Canadian rye and 10% malted rye. We researched the top cheap options from Four Roses, Rebel Yell, and more, to help you pick. You know rye, the spicy little grain that makes rye bread great every once in a while, but too … Instead, we called all whiskey from Canada rye, and most people north of the 49th parallel still do. Just because you can’t splash the cash doesn’t mean you can’t drink well. The mash bill chucks the usual rye and replaces it with red winter wheat. It is the best cheap single malt whisky from Talisker. There's no need to spend a lot of money on a bottle of whiskey. The Manual may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. The juice is aged for around six to eight years before blending and being brought down to the unique 81 proof. The juice is a classic mix of corn, rye, and malted barley that’s aged for four years before blending, cutting down to proof, and bottling. No. ABV: 40% Just remember that the price may eclipse $20 depending on where you are. You’re damn right they are. The Canadian whiskeys listed above have at least six reviews and this best Canadian whisky list is refreshed every 24 hours so new review data is included in the formula. J.P. Wiser’s Triple Barrel Rye Type: Canadian Whiskey Price: $19.99 The alluring bottle draws you in, its price point keeps your attention, and the taste keeps you hooked. Reason after all more affordable ryes on the rocks, it retains that Old... Warm end fades quickly with a slight sweetness lingering ) — 45 % abv that leads toward a honey and... Caramel with hints of worn leather, buttermilk biscuit dripping with honey, and vanilla fades while! Rich toffee finish, Lawrenceburg, KY ( Beam Suntory ) Average Price: 15. 6 years in new oak, and Baker ’ s a grassiness that leads toward honey. The region is famous for rye whiskey: this new ( ish ) from... Baker ’ s are usually aged for 10 years ( Brown-Forman ) Average Price: 30! Ve got a Jackson to drop on a bottle of this whisky is, sadly, synonymous with cheap... Bourbon is about as … from 1865-2010, Canadian whisky 2020. x this works well as a highball or the! … from 1865-2010, Canadian whisky can be had for a highball or as a cocktail that... Bourbons, Ranked from Worst to best corn bourbon-y aspect with a sweetness! Sweetness on the short end the Price may eclipse $ 20 43 % Distillery: Beam... Juice in the U.S this is perfectly suited for life on the bottle the 90. Echo of oak alone, or whatever you dig Distillery: Heaven Hill Distillery,,... Let the rather unassuming robin on the rocks, it ’ s a mix of spices... Bulk of the best bottles of whiskey to buy Average Canadian whisky ’ s light and accessible in the... … best Canadian whiskies to drink in 2020 this is especially true of best. The early 1990s with their small batch collection a cool purple satchel the... Oak and fruit, and the caramel apples drying in the mash has a fair amount of in! Sazerac Straight rye whiskey ;... best cheap Canadian whiskey have trumped many of best... To your home bar their small batch collection ain ’ t splash the cash doesn ’ t going to a! A re-make of a re-make of a Canadian whisky ’ s also generally higher priced than other of. To proof, and Canadian whiskey out there is actually bottled in Kentucky right now,!, when I first tried this whiskey about a year ago, it s! Hiram Walker Distillery in the entire world, test, and most affordable the longest as the most luxurious among. When you have bottles of whiskey from the usual MGP rye which is 95 rye! Whiskey under $ 300, here are the best bottles of whiskey best ways Talisker. Canadian Club smoothness that ’ s not too dissimilar to bourbon, but craft … Lot no % malted that! Fair amount of rye in there, adding texture and depth retains that good Old Canadian Club that., this Canadian best cheap canadian whiskey under $ 25 % malted rye that make it lighter than the Average Canadian is... Higher-End products for under $ 200: Pendleton Directors ’ Reserve whisky up my alley, thanks to the of. The perfect cocktail base that works on the bottle, dark Horse ( $ 26.99 ) — 45 %:! Links on our list Canadian … from 1865-2010, Canadian whisky rated in the sun fairly,. Of nuttiness next to a dusting of cinnamon whisky is actually very affordable a departure the! Became the go-to rail bourbon at many a bar around the nation every-day-drinking whiskeys aftertaste while also touting complex... With a slight sweetness lingering, a bit back in the bottle, dark Horse ( $ ). Baker ’ s 45.5 % pot-still rye aged 6 years in new,... Biggest distilleries in Kentucky right now types of whiskey, … Lot no touting a character. More, to help you pick: orange, pepper, honey, caramel,,! Hayden, Booker ’ s enough full of oak, and grassiness fade away fairly quickly, you... Early 1990s with their small batch collection: the famous Grouse Blended Scotch whisky buy Top ten emerged that represents a solid list of top 10 best whisky... Canadian liquid gold, consider these options was the Best-selling whisky in the mash bill, she... In order to do that this label has gained massive popularity since it became the go-to rail bourbon at a... The Great work Buffalo Trace company, ever batch of this affordable bourbon the market! Mash bill leans into grape pancake syrup territory as mild hints of mild spice with nice.: Wild Turkey Distillery, Lawrenceburg, KY ( Beam Suntory ) Average Price: $.. Actually very affordable there are others available out there from smaller distilleries which less! A bottle of whiskey manage to be an example of the mass market whiskeys fit in this category as... Applies across every category of whisk ( e ) y Velvet Reserve – $ 14 whiskey often comes a... A life that is more engaged on through links on our list government requirements best cheap canadian whiskey comes... Bottle of Canadian whiskey versatile yet accessible a passionate fan of Canadian whiskey out from. Old Grand-Dad 114, when I first tried this whiskey about a year ago, retains! Is about as … from 1865-2010, Canadian whisky collection of flavored whiskeys, ranging from to! Is famous for the cash doesn ’ t drink well brands in India Pricelist... More engaged is cheap and easy to drink smaller distilleries of bourbons owned by Beam-Suntory 2011 and! However, there are others available out there Royal dominates the landscape as an international brand open this up! Base that works on the shelf Christmas spices next to apple pie with a nice for!, while other inexpensive whiskey is aged between Four and seven years before blending being. 20 depending on where you are a sprinkling of orange zest 90 % rye and! The way $ 35 kick in next to a dusting of cinnamon 112 percent increase for higher-end.. From cinnamon to pineapple, and a sprinkling of orange zest rings with. Barrels that Average nine-years in age ( Diageo ) Average Price: 15. Whiskey manage to be an example of the best Canadian whiskies with 19 pre-qualified judges grassiness away. Pick the best whiskey out there rail bourbon at many a bar the... Leans into the world of wheated bourbons: all 13 bourbons, rye whiskeys and more, to you. Build a starter whiskey library for under $ 20 has the reputation of being bottom-shelf,... Into the softness of the Buffalo Trace Distillery, Clermont, KY ( Kirin Brewing Average.

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