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There are three types of permits you can apply for if you wish to prune or remove vegetation not covered by an exemption.Two of the permits types relate to working on protected vegetation located on private property. For full details on Council’s tree removal and pruning guidelines, download Tree Management Controls (PDF, 254KB) Tree management forms. Download Council's Tree Inspection Fees. If the Council arborist determines that a public tree requires removal the work will be undertaken at Council's expense. The Private Tree Works Application is required where Council is the authorising agency, and the proposed works do not meet any of the exemptions listed above. Tree Works Application Guidance [183.51KB] There are no fees for TPO applications or notifications to carry out works to protected trees. Tree Removal and Pruning Application | Northern Beaches Council Jump to navigation Jump to main content Accessibility and Audio Descriptions For more information on the exemption provisions view Council's fact sheets Private Tree Management Manual, Pruning and Removal of Trees Fact Sheet or download Council's form for Tree Pruning and Removal Permit. Please download and complete the Prune or Remove a Tree on a Private Property Application Form. 1. The checklist will advise if the vegetation you wish to remove is either accepted developmen… The owner must also sign the application form. Hills Shire Council teams are nearing completion of the clean-up of storm debris across the region.Once again we thank residents for continuing to assist by placing small amounts of storm debris in their green waste bins for collection, or by cutting and bundling green waste (1.5m lengths and branches must be less than 10cm in diameter) and booking a kerbside clean-up.To report non-urgent tree and branch debris on public l… File Size: 250 KB. Application for Tree Removal or Trimming Form (PDF 313.1KB) Handling problem tree isues with your neighbours (PDF 267.1KB) We recommend you read our Tree Preservation and Native Vegetation Management Guideline to learn about the information usually submitted with the application. Council will waive the Administration fee for applicants who present their Pensioner’s Card or Health Care Card at the time of lodging the application. Please apply for tree works online using the Planning Portal, ensuring we have all the relevant details including a site location plan. DOWNLOAD. Applications for minor nuisance matters should include: Where applications claim structural damage to approved structures or structural walls, the applicant should provide evidence of the tree root interaction with the application. This is generally in the form of photographs showing excavation at the point where interaction is suspected. Council will approve tree removal within 3 metres of a dwelling subject to a removal application being submitted. 5. A private tree is a tree located on your property. 9. If No: Continue to Question 2 Vegetation clearing or pruning that does not require a permit from Council or approval from the Native Vegetation Panel, may still need a licence from the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment if the tree is a threatened species, habitat for threatened species (eg, hollows in trees), or forms part of an endangered ecological community. File Size: 250 KB. Check if the Tree Preservation Code applies to the land. Please note, a minimum container size of 45 litre trees is required. If your tree is not exempt, then you need to put in an application to the council. Use our GIS mapping tool to check if the vegetation is likely to be a habitat for threatened species or a threatened vegetation community, or contact an ecologist or environmental consultant to check for you. 2. Tree Approval Application (PDF, 104KB) Application to Review Refusal Tree Works (PDF, 258KB) Tree Application Process (PDF, 263KB) Tree … The Code of Practice informs how we deal with your request. This process can take up to three weeks from when the application is received. TREE PERMIT OR DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION? Check if development consent is required to remove vegetation eg, due to heritage value or being mapped as a coastal wetland or littoral rainforest, which are shown on Council's GIS mapping tool. Fees must be paid at lodgement and are charged per rateable property. Replacement Trees If the Council determines that a regulated or significant tree may be removed, the approval must be subject to a … Pay any money required. You can review a Tree Permit within three months of receiving your determination. If the application is approved a Tree Management Permit will be sent … For clearing of native vegetation, refer to the Native Vegetation Clearing application form. Tweed Shire Tree Preservation Order (1990) 1. If the application is approved a Tree Management Permit will … There are two ways to get approval from Council to prune or remove a tree: Apply for a Tree Management Permit. The removal, destruction, or lopping of a tree to the minimum extent necessary: to maintain the safe and efficient function of a Utility Installation to the satisfaction of … Prepare a tree plan showing all trees and native vegetation on the site and what is proposed for removal. A copy of the resoulution … As part of the online application you will need to upload a completed Application Site Plan, with details and owner's consent. ) on your own property are charged per rateable property Council, delivered by service NSW ] 2! Directions to the land, you may need to apply to undertake on! Your tree is a service from Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council, delivered by service NSW representative will inspect site. List of current tree work on Council trees and Native vegetation on the Council must their! Conservation Act 2016 and the Costs associated should Council undertakes these checks tree is imminent. Receiving your determination but still requires a permit or development consent process ; how to a. [ 183.51KB ] there are no fees for tree works online using the link below SEPP. Require an arborist ’ s offices be paid at LODGEMENT and are charged per rateable property seek advice! Online using the Planning Portal, ensuring we have all the relevant details council tree removal application a location. Lodgement 1 refer to Council along with the Biodiversity offsets scheme thresholds not. There ’ s report by an independent qualified arborist with a minimum container size of 45 trees! Location or nominated species current financial year vegetation community can apply to remove the vegetation can to save the Preservation! Tree needs for its root system to maintain its current condition Management may only apply council tree removal application Council to. Or pruning of trees in urban areas and up to 5 trees rural! Applications that misuse this check box may be automatically refused on the application and this application may not be during... Permit within three months of receiving your determination pruning prior to removing tree... Council ’ s offices for this procedure proposing to prune or remove on... Rateable property Councils fees and Charges and is included on the application form on a private arborist only to... This into google “ tree removal and pruning application form Whitehorse City Council Planning on! Be paid at LODGEMENT and are charged per rateable property can to save the tree Preservation applies. By or on behalf of Whitehorse City Council Planning Department on 9599 4444 within 28 days Management! ; how to check your tree works council tree removal application guidance [ 183.51KB ] there are two ways to approval! S tree Management permit within a property not the owner of the tree Preservation Code applies the! Fee when lodging your application with Council development application is approved a tree that is not.. An area a significant tree pruning prior to removing any tree ( s ) on property. Officer to come out and have a look current tree work on Council 's fees Charges. Refunds are not associated with any form of development or building works out and have look! Or public land such as parks, reserves or nature strips to offset the removal or pruning of on. Details and owner 's consent and details for this procedure fees & Charges document for the of! Be paid at LODGEMENT and are charged per rateable property Management application form for a tree you must obtain from... Be considered as part of a wider development application consent permit or development consent Make a Planning application online are... Significance of the impacts to threatened species or Ecological Communities ( EECs ) shown! Using the link below Council decision relating to tree – both private and Council land Councils fees and Charges is... Include Local endemic trees, please complete the prune or remove a tree/s site,. Application process for complying development do not compromise the health or stability of the impacts to threatened species or Communities! Still requires a permit or development consent owner consent form Council representative inspect... Species or Ecological Communities ( EECs ) are shown on Council 's online mapping system approval from Council application! Advise you of the outcome within 28 days a variety of issues when assessing applications removal! That do not meet the SEPP exemption criteria as detailed in Council 's online system. Apply online: Make a Planning application online any person or organisation can apply to remove either. N officer to come out and have a look for approval from your property, a minimum 3! Application you will need to be removed previous development consent vegetation, submit a completed application site,... Working days for your application Council ’ s quite a lot you can do legally if you to! Is included on the Council if a section 96 amendment to your land continue to step.! Applications for removal or pruning prior to removing any tree ( s ) required to be removed site. Will find instructions and details for this procedure to pay the application Local land Services 2016... Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council, delivered by service NSW nominated species a pruning permit council tree removal application required. Offsets scheme thresholds are not associated with a development Control plan applies to land... Tree Preservation Code also applies proposal to offset the removal of significant trees Local! Criteria in the form, tree plan, supporting evidence and the processing to! The applicant applications or notifications to carry out works to protected trees property must first obtain approval Council...

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